Trim Carpentry in Valley Stream

While it is true that the foundations of any good carpentry job are found in the framing, the fact of the matter is that the finishing touches are just as important. High-quality trim carpentry transforms the functional to the elegant and when executed correctly can add the final touch of class to your window frames, doors, baseboards and mantels. So, if you are looking to enhance your home’s furnishings then why not contact the number one trim carpentry experts you can trust.

With years of combined experience in the Valley Stream area, Walls Plus Inc has what it takes to ensure that your home or business is fitted with customized trim workings that will enhance and impress. When it comes to wood trim carpentry, we cut no corners and if you want your home or business to looks its very best, then you won’t either. Don’t take chances with inferior carpentry companies. Call the Valley Stream team you can trust today.

A Flexible Approach to Wood Trim Carpentry

At Walls Plus Inc we are firm believers in the mantra that the customer is always right. It is this commitment to providing the ultimate customer satisfaction that shapes all our work. So, before our skilled carpenters cut one piece of wood, you can rest assured knowing that you will be fully informed of all aspects of our plan. Having a flexible and collaborative approach with all clients also extends to architects, interior designers and other members of the building team.

Mantles and Wainscoting

Our ultimate goal is to create high-quality custom-made wood furnishings that are exactly what you had in mind. So, whether you need your wainscoting, mantles or crown molding completed, we are the team that can deliver. Turning your carpentry dreams into a reality is what we strive to do and it is this commitment to excellence that sets us apart from other businesses in Valley Stream.

Attention to Detail

If there is one attribute more important than almost all other when it comes to any aspect carpentry finishing it is attention to detail. Thankfully for our clients in Valley Stream, this is a quality that each member of our team is blessed with. In all areas of carpentry, paying meticulous attention to detail is important, but when it comes to trim carpentry and other aspects of finishing, this is particularly true. The experience that our team of carpenters has acquired through years of working in this trade, means that they have developed a keen eye for attention to detail of this nature. This means that we will always look critically on any board or wood trimming that we are working on to ensure that it is as esthetically pleasing and functional as possible.

Making a House a Home

Finish and trim carpentry add the final elegant touches that transform a house from four walls and a roof into a unique and individual home that encompasses the best aspects of you and your family’s life.